Stainless Steel One+Half Bowl Reversible Sink – Model 822

MNM Stone is the future material for worktops, floors, interiors and exterior wall cladding with amazing benefits that surpass all natural stone properties. MNM Stone is made using Quartz, which is one of the hardest materials known to man, making it an unbeatable choice for any interior or exterior purpose. Because of its resistance to impact, abrasion and chemicals, it can be used in a wide variety of projects such as Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Apartments, Subways, Shopping malls and more.

MNM Stone is unique engineered stone comprised of 93% quartz, blended with 7% unsaturated polyester resins, additives, mirror chips, and inorganic non-fading pigments using the world patented vacuum-vibro process press of Breton.


•    Aesthetic Consistency does not stain

•    Sink 822 is reversible. Can be installed both ways.
•    Mechanical resistance
•    Resistance to high chemicals and High temperatures
•    Withstands heavy traffic
•    Resistance to abrasion
•    Durable
•    Luxurious appearance
•    Variety of colours and patterns
•    Wide range of possible sizes
•    Easy handling
•    A multipurpose building material

•    Internal wall cladding
•    Kitchen counter tops
•    Vanity tops
•    Bathrooms
•    Swimming pool
•    Stairs
•    Window sill
•    Table tops
And many more possibilities